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Extra! Extra! It's in all the papers (even the evening paper!) - Lakewood is an amazing place for a quick vacay.

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Historic Hiatus - Lakewold Garden, Thornewood Castle & More

Golf Getaway - Oakbrook Golf Course, Chambers Bay & More

Foodie Friends - Grub Crawl of Lakewood WA Restaurants

Outdoor Outings - American Lake, Parks & More

American Lake: 1,000 Acres of Fun

Lakewood Golf

NEARcation Photos

Father and daughter putting a kayak in at American Lake (Lakewood, WA)
Man and woman sitting in a kayak at American Lake (Lakewood, WA)
Man and woman standing on Eulalie Wagner pathway at Lakewold Garden (Lakewood, WA)
Couple standing in a doorway at Lakewold Gardens Mansion (Lakewood, WA)
Well-dressed couple at Lakewold Garden (Lakewood, WA)
Four women posing at a restaurant in Lakewood, WA
Four women eating at a teriyaki restaurant in Lakewood, WA
Two women enjoying teriyaki at a Lakewood restaurant
Four women sitting at a dining room table
A couple golfing at Oakbrook Golf Course (Lakewood, WA)
Man golf from sand trap at Oakbrook Golf Course (Lakewood, WA)

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