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Indoor Attractions near Lakewood

Looking for some family-friendly indoor attractions near Lakewood? You came to the right place. There’s an assortment of things to do indoors with kids and adults, whether you want to compete or learn something new.

Lakewood is home to home to Catapult Adventure Park, where you can find bounce house attractions, obstacle courses, and ziplining. There are sections for children as well as teens and adults, so don’t think anyone has to miss out on the fun.

If you’re more interested in educational entertainment, you can check out the Pierce College Science Dome. Do astronomical discoveries and the solar system interest you? Then we highly encourage you to visit and learn more about the universe. The Pierce College Science Dome offers public shows, private shows, special events, and group visits.

The McChord Air Museum allows you to step foot into a military base and learn about the history of Lakewood along with its connection with the military. Lakewood has plenty of options, whether you’re looking for a chill indoor activity for your family or a high-energy event.

Catapult Lakewood WA+

Little girl is jumping in a bouncy house with a huge smile.

It’s a rainy day, but you need a high-energy activity to do indoors with kids in Lakewood. Look no further than Catapult Adventure Park. You can find an assortment of attractions like bounce houses, zip lines, and obstacle courses. Catapult allows you to bring out your inner child by defying gravity, and get a good speed, agility, and strength workout in. This is an excellent destination for a bonding experience during your NEARcation in Lakewood. Catapult Adventure Park is conveniently located in the Lakewood Towne Center which is a great way to squeeze it into your shopping and dining agenda.

There are 18 attractions to visit at Catapult Adventure Park, each having its own unique features. All ages can join in on the excitement!

Catapult mentions, “It’s kind of hard to stress about car payments and dirty dishes when you’re flying through the air.” We completely agree! Jump as high as you can in the Launch Zone, create your team for Xtreme Dodgeball and showcase your balance on the Flying Leopard. Catapult Adventure Park. Lakewood is the perfect place for endless fun and limitless heights.

Individual prices are listed at $23 for 90 minutes and $30 for 120 minutes. For groups of 15+, there is special pricing at $20 a person. If you’re worried that your kids may be too young to enjoy the fun, Catapult offers Cubs Launch Times, which is $17 for 2 hours. This time is only for toddlers who are under 42 inches, providing a safe space for our little friends. Tickets can be purchased here.

Pierce College Science Dome+

Image of the planetarium ceiling at the pierce college science dome.

If you’re wanting to learn about the universe, solar system, and astronomical discoveries, be sure to visit the Pierce College Science Dome. The Pierce College planetarium is a unique space (pun intended) that allows visitors to view the night sky in any weather, making it one of our favorite things to do in December (and any time of year) near Lakewood, Washington. The dome fits up to 58 people, providing spectacular views and educational lessons. There’s no other experience like this in the South Puget Sound region. To learn more about the space, you can check out this video.

The Pierce College Science Dome offers two public shows for anyone to join. The first show is the “All-Ages Show” which is for anyone over the age of 3. During the hour agenda, you will take a tour of the night sky and watch a full dome video. The other show is designed for kids (3-10 years old). Children will participate in an interactive show for 45 minutes. The price of these shows is $8 and free for Pierce College students. For show dates and tickets, check out their website.

For a more personalized experience during your NEARcation, you can book a private show at the Pierce College Science Dome. During this hour, you get a live planetarium presentation topic of your choice. Check out the list of topics. After, you will also get to experience a dome video of your choosing from this list: Lastly, you will receive resources for activities to finish up your lesson. The cost of this package is $120, which can be booked here.

Tacoma Astronomical Society Public Nights also take place at the Pierce College Science Dome. This only happens twice per month, so be sure to not miss out! 

McChord Air Museum+

Child folding a green paper airplane at the McChord Air Museum.

The McChord Air Museum is the perfect indoor attraction for those who are interested in planes, the U.S. military, and the rich history of Lakewood, Washington. It’s a free museum that is welcoming to all ages and open to the public from Tuesday to Friday (12 pm-4 pm). You may receive a temporary pass to enter the base only during regular museum hours. If you are an active Department of Defense cardholder, you may enter through any open JBLM gate. To learn more about access, visit the website.

Young aviators can participate in educational activities during their visit to the McChord Air Museum. Coloring books with McChord’s aircraft are available, such as the C-17 Globemaster III and the F-15 Eagle. The museum also provides paper airplane and helicopter tutorials, with the help of Alex’s Paper Airplanes. Visitors also learn about the different components of aircraft and how gas turbine engines function. You’ll be ready to take flight in no time! 

At the McChord Air Museum, you can dive deep into archives and learn about significant people, aircraft features, and historic events. Journals from aviators during events like the eruption of Mt. St. Helens (1980) are shared with the public for a unique storytelling experience.  Did you know, the museum is named after Colonel William C. McChord? The museum has an extensive list, which you can check out for more fun facts.

A unique feature of the McChord Air Museum is that some contributions come directly from Air Force members. “The Museum Gallery was built and painted completely by Foundation volunteers. Many of them were Air Force retirees who wished to preserve the history of the McChord Air Force Base.” Cy Reck is an artist that has contributed to the museum by creating many beautiful murals.

Movie Magic+

Exterier photo of AMC Theater in Lakewood

Need a rainy day activity in Lakewood? Catching the latest blockbuster is the perfect cure for the winter blues. 

The Lakewood AMC has long been a regional destination – the recliner chairs can't be beat! Located in the Lakewood Towne Center, delicious cuisine and trendy shopping is just a walk away. 

The Regal Cinema in Lakewood is just on the outskirts of Tacoma. With several state-of-the-art screens, the Regal has a movie for everyone's taste. Catch a matinee, or queue up for a midnight premiere!


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